Kelly Brook Is All Smiles As She Steps Out Following David McIntosh Split, David Breaks His Twitter Silence

The engagement ring is OFF.

Kelly Brook genuinely couldn’t have looked happier as she strolled around Los Angeles yesterday, seemingly without a care in the world.

You really wouldn’t believe that this woman had split with her fiance less than 24 hours earlier, would you?

Although we would LOVE to psycho-analyse every detail of her appearance and make our Year 9 English teacher proud with observations such as ‘the choice of black outfit references the fact that she is mourning the death of a relationship’ yada yada yada, we reckon that she chose the gothic get-up because it makes her look super chic and ruddy gorgeous.

But surely she must have been sweating up a storm in a chunky knit halterneck in the LA sunshine?

In fact, the only thing worth noting about Kelly’s outfit is the fact that her engagement ring is noticeably missing, affirming the fact that she and former Gladiator and Celebrity Big Brother contestant David McIntosh are well and truly over.

Bit awks considering just last week she was gushing about how much she loved him and that she wanted to have his babies.

We did wonder what the final straw in their relationship was; did he refuse to turn up the heating or make her pay for his Pizza Hut??

Thankfully we don’t need to wonder any longer because a source has ALREADY been on the phone to the Mirror and spilled the beans.

That didn’t take long. 

Apparently the split is a result of David’s close relationship with his ex, Sarah Harper who he can’t cut out of his life because he shares a dog with her y’see.

His shared custody of the dog mean that he’s in regular contact with Sarah and even went to her house while Kelly was abroad working.

Come on Kel, he was probs just visiting Rover.

28-year-old David broke up with Sarah, who he was with for a year, just weeks before he hooked up with Kelly on New Years Eve, and after learning about the apparent ‘scores’ of texts that the two were exchanging the brunette beauty called quits on their engagement on Friday, sharing the news on Twitter straight away.

Kels announced the tear-inducing news on Friday night, telling us that: “It’s a sad Day but I wanted to share with you that David and I are no longer engaged

“I love and respect him and wish him all the best.”

However, things got a little bit more ‘cryptic’ on Kelly’s twitter later on that evening. As David kept totally ‘schtum’ on all social media channels, Kelly posted yet ANOTHER tweet at around 12:15AM: “Positive changes- Good people -Happy Life- Creative Work.”


To be honest, we’re usually spouting ‘motivational’ speeches like that around midnight on a Friday – usually after working our way through our second bottle of Mateus rose wine. 

And who hasn’t done the whole “I’M MOVIN’ ON WIF MA LYFE AND SURROUNDING MASELF WIF GUD PEEPZ FROM NAH ON” speech when they’ve just split up with someone?

David broke his silence on the split earlier today, mysteriously tweeting: “There are two sides to every story. You are free to believe what you wish…it doesn’t alter the facts.”

Does this mean that there’s more to the split than shared custody with a dog?


We don’t know WHO or WHAT to believe.

Either way, judging by yesterday’s show Kelly really meant it when she promised herself a ‘Happy Life’ as she is positively BEAMING in the photos and couldn’t look more pleased with her decision to get rid if she tried, no matter what the reason may be.

TBH Kels, you’re probably better off without him.

After all, who wants to be with someone who won’t even go halfsies on a stuffed crust?

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