Kelly Brook May Move To A Secret Location To Stop David McIntosh From Finding Her Following Split

Bit OTT, no?

Soz David McIntosh, but if you are planning on winning Kelly Brook back it looks like you have no chance.

Following claims that David planned to fly over to Los Angeles and save his relationship, Kelly has apparently warned her jilted fiance to stay away because her “mind is made up”. 

The former Gladiator has insisted that he has done absolutely nothing wrong, even writing a fairly emotional open letter to Kelly and the world’s media to justify his relationship with his ex, Sarah Harper, who came across a little bit cray.

But Kelly is having none of it and rumour has it that things are getting SO serious that her concerned managers are considering moving her to a top secret location to stop David from finding her, as well as bunking up security. 

Sorry, is this Kelly Brook’s life or the plot from a bad action movie?

What do they think he is going to do exactly?

Well actually, her people are more worried about the  money than her emotions and the reported desperate form of action is to stop anything from impacting her huge role in a US sitcom and growing film schedule.

They fear that just as Kelly is managing to raise her profile in the US her personal life will affect her profile, and if she is a part of a long break-up which is drawn all over the media then she won’t be taken seriously as an actress.

A source close to David said: “Kelly is adamant that David should not fly to the US. She says she is not interested in seeing him and has nothing more to say about their relationship.

“He feels that a face to face meet could change everything and would give him the chance to prove to her that they can work it out. Kelly’s people have made it clear to David that he is not wanted there by Kelly and it could be detrimental to her career.

“If he does head over, they see moving her to a new location rather than her home in Santa Monica. There has also been talk of security too. Kelly’s big break in the US is now, and no-one in her camp wants to see anything jeopardise that.

“Her head should be on her work and focusing on giving her all for this sitcom. This split has proved a distraction. David is adamant that he doesn’t want to affect Kelly’s work. but feels that their love is worth spending time and energy on.”

Basically, Kelly is moving on with her life and wants David to do the same.

Bit harsh really – they were still engaged this time last week!

Give the boy some time to grieve, Kels.

The brunette beauty called off her engagement just last Friday after she caught wind of a story that was going to press over the weekend about David cheating on her with his ex.

David is obviously heartbroken and, if the allegations aren’t true, no doubt absolutely fuming.

Kelly has remained relatively tight-lipped on the matter but she has apparently been texting David’s said ex in a bizarre turn of events, which saw her put down her ex beau’s cooking skills.

Erm, hit him where it hurts, yeah?

As understandable as it is that Kelly wants to put her career first, we can’t help but think that little will draw MORE attention to a split than extra security and top secret locations.

These celebs, why can’t they just deal with a break-up the way normal people do?

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