Kelly Brook: My Sex Drive Has Gone Up 100%

Well now that we all know this information, we can finally start getting on with our lives.

Kelly Brook: My Sex Drive Has Gone Up 100%
She’s curvy and proud godammit. Copyright: [Ben Riggott/Cosmopolitan]


Kelly Brook has graciously informed us all that her sex drive is through the roof after getting all fit and strong of late.

Nice to know, isn’t it?

Speaking to the cardio-vascular enthusiasts at Cosmopolitan Body, the Celebrity Juice panelist spilled the beans on all things mind, body, spirit and, err, bonking.

Kelly has credited her new regime and trainer, Ashley Borden, with her new bangin’ bod and renewed sexual prowess, stating:  “I’ve been training with Ashley, doing lots of ‘rolling out’ to engage all my muscles. Then we do high intensity training, like weights and dragging sandbags”.

Kelly Brook: My Sex Drive Has Gone Up 100%
Kelly Brook seemed very happy with her new life. Copyright: [Ben Riggott/Cosmopolitan]

Anyone else got a clue what ‘rolling out’ is? Hopefully it’s like roly-poly’s for grownups.

And dragging sandbags? We want a smaller bum, not an exercise in manning a flood defense, thank you very much Ms Brook.

Nonetheless, the results seem to be paying off for our Kel: “My sex drive went up 100% – I think it’s the hormones and testosterone from the weightlifting.”

We once heard Hulk Hogan utter similar musings.

However, the model seems to harbor no plans to become as ripped and chiseled as her fiancé -  former Royal Marine and Gladiator, David McIntosh. The Brookster told the magazine: “I’m not a super-skinny girl and I do love food… I’ve got rolls and boobs and I don’t ever want to change”.

Kelly Brook: My Sex Drive Has Gone Up 100%
Kelly Brook and David McIntosh are quite the Fitness fanatics it would seem. Copyright [Wenn]

“I’ve found, when you get into your thirties, you relax a bit. You start enjoying life, sex and your body – and you know how to use it”.

Well, we guess we can look forward to ‘using our body’ in our thirties then – thanks for the profound tidbits, babe.

To find out more about how Kelly got to look so flippin’ fantastic AND got her mojo back, the full interview appears in Cosmopolitan Body, on sale now.

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