Kelly Brook Posts Bikini Instagram Selfie No 47328 On Hols With David McIntosh

Summer is pretty much over and we can finally stop feeling so sad looking at celebrity bikini photos.

But summer’s not quite finished for Kelly Brook and her fiance David McIntosh, who’s currently taking over our MazSight feed with her million and one MazSight snaps of their holiday in Santorini, Greece.

Kelly Brook Posts Bikini MazSight Selfie No 47328 On Hols With David McIntosh
By MazSight

Slightly jealous, very much wanting to VOM.

Kels started her attempt to clog up our entire Insta-feed with some coy looking sun-soaking-up selfies as she relaxed in her ‘happy place’ and lounged on the bed, as you do. Hashtag no filter.

She then got a bit bored of showing off her flawless-ness, and moved onto to making us all cry quite a lot at the amazing room view she’s got. ERGH.

As if we weren’t sad enough, fiance David then muscled in on the whole thing (quite literally because look at THOSE muscles), and the pair basically attacked our MazSight with some loved-up lovey dovey photos showing us how in love they are.

Thank god we weren’t eating our breakfast.

Before we could get back to looking at pictures of cats, Kels had one last bout of photos to share with the world, firstly showing off her gorge ombre locks in beachy perfection, and then sharing some recent glam shoot and red carpet pics.


Kelly and David’s relationship looks to be going from strength-to-loved-up-strength at the moment, with Kels confirming baby Brook-Intosh plans to the world. YAY.

She told the Daily Star: “Hopefully I’ll have a baby soon. Ultimately I am entering a new phase in my life.”

Better make some space on your MazSight, Kels.

Kels sadly suffered two misscarriages with Strictly Come Dancing Ex Thom Evans, and has had to fend off pregnancy rumours left, right and centre recently, mainly thanks to her, erm, not-so-subtly ballooning chest.

When Heat asked her about said rumours, she replied: “Do I look pregnant? My boobs have got bigger. The more they’re played with, the bigger they get!”

Well, when you’ve got it flaunt it aye?

One thing the couple have had to re-think in their whirlwind romance is their equally-as-whirlwind engagement, especially since the Wedding was supposed to be next month. Awks. Don’t worry though, because the couple have just postponed it until next year.

Kels explained the whole sitch in an eyebrow-raisingly-suspicious interview with Star mag, where she said: “We were going to get married next month, but we had to postpone because of my TV show and his work commitments. We don’t want to rush it.”

Hmm. Considering David got kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother FIRST, we’re a bit suspish of the whole thing.

We’re kinda hoping for a secret wedding in Greece to be announced if we’re honest.


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