Kelly Brook Reveals Fresh Split With David McIntosh! OMG We Just Can’t Keep Up With Them!!!!

Another day and yet another chapter in the most exasperating are they/aren’t they celeb romance EVEEEER, as Kelly Brook reveals she’s split from David McIntosh…again.

Honestly, it’s like watching some-sort-of celeb relationship tennis match!

While we all thought that it was finally back on track after all the Twitching (Twitter bitching for y’all who didn’t know) and tit-for-tat arguments, it seems that Kelly, 34, has ended her romance with the former gladiator star for the second time in only a couple of weeks.

Yup, Kelly dealt the devastating serve in this game of love when she spoke to The Sun on Sunday night in Hollywood, proclaiming herself as “happy and single,” which was news to us!

Apaz Kell was full of beans, as she spoke about her life as an independent and unattached woman, saying: “I’m very happy. I am a single, happy girl living in a great town and working with fantastic people.”

Which surprised us, as everyone thought the couple we’re back on track after their first split, which was due to Mr. Tornado allegedly getting gusty with his ex!

But love is a game that never runs smoothly, and unfortunately for David it seems that Kelly is firmly resolved to leave love out of the equation at the moment.

As the brunette beauty insisted: “Maybe it’s not my time to find love at the moment. I just get to focus on myself. There are more important things in the world.”

You tell ‘em Kell!

 And, if you we’re rooting for this to all work out then you’ll find you might just have some opposition, as It would seem that not everyone is happy about Kelly Brook’s decision to rekindle her romance with David McIntosh.

Despite splitting from the Celebrity Big Brother star last month, the 34-year-old beauty decided to give things another just weeks later, after pictures emerged of him cosying up to German model Metisha Schaefer.
Kelly Brook Reveals Fresh Split With David McIntosh! OMG We Just Can't Keep Up With Them!!!!
By MazSight

But according to Closer magazine, Kel’s friends aren’t exactly over the moon with her decision.

A source told the magazine: “Kelly’s petrified of the backlash she’s started to receive from friends and family.

“One of her friends was so angry at her ‘stupidity’ she refused to speak to her – saying she couldn’t watch her set herself up for more heartbreak.

“Kelly’s insisting she’s going to take things slowly and see what happens, but she’s also saying she knows she’s playing with fire and is going to get badly burned.”
Kelly Brook Reveals Fresh Split With David McIntosh! OMG We Just Can't Keep Up With Them!!!!
By MazSight

Before deciding to get back together, Kelly and David became embroiled in a very nasty Twitter row after he claimed she had leaked naked pictures of him – and it would seem her pals are worried that she is becoming addicted to this dramatic behaviour.

“Her friends are fearing it’s as if she’s hooked on all the drama and worry she’s heading for disaster.”

Kelly’s friends are also concerned that her desire to become a mum is clouding her judgment when it comes to the relationship.

The source added: “Kelly’s still desperate to have a baby and that’s one of the reasons her friends think she’s determined to sustain relationships – even when they’re so wrong.

“She talked about having kids with David and now pals are worried she may rush into things.”

But to be honest, we’re not really sure handle anymore of this tennis match of LURVE.

But we’re left wodnering if this truly is game, set and match for Kelly and David?

We guess only time will truly tell!

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