Kelly Brook Slams ‘Needy’ And ‘Spineless’ Ex Boyfriends, Opens Up About Her Bad Relationships

She has definitely been through a lot.

Kelly Brook has opened up about her love life ahead of the release of her autobiography, Close Up.

The 34-year-old has been in the limelight since she was 18, when she also met her first love, diver turned Hollywood actor Jason Statham, but after seven years their relationship hit the rocks when she met Titanic actor Billy Zane.

Kelly has never been shy about discussing her relationships, and since Billy she has dated a host of famous men, which have mostly ended in heartbreak.

“I’ve wasted so much time with stupid boys and doing stupid things,” says the actress, “I have been so defined by those relationships and things that have happened, I wanted to put my view across. 

“That way I can move on.”

Kelly got engaged to Billy but after four years together she called the relationship off, and to be honest he sounds a little bit crazy so we can totally understand why.

Kelly says of their relationship: “He threw all my clothes away. He threw everything away. He wanted me to either look like a 60s Bond girl or a 50s housewife. That’s how he saw me.

“I felt I had to find out who I was and what my own style was, but it was controlling. He projected his fantasies onto me. I never had a real life with him. I was always in a fantasy fairytale.”

Despite the fact that Billy lived the high life with private jets and exclusive holidays, he wasn’t exactly the one splashing the cash, Kelly revealed: “I was paying for most of that. I’d done well for myself but suddenly I was living this lifestyle and thinking I can’t keep up with this.

“I wasn’t prepared to share everything I’d worked for with someone who didn’t deserve it.”

Yikes, sounds like she had a lucky escape with that one. 

After Billy, Kelly briefly got together with Danny Cipriani before getting close to former Scottish rugby player, and now Strictly Come Dancing hunk, Thom Evans in 2011.

Sadly, Kelly suffered a stillbirth with Thom’s baby and the heartache caused their relationship to fall apart.

She then rekindled her romance with notorious womanizer Danny Cipriani, but when she fell victim to the serial cheater’s ways they had an almighty falling out and Kelly has remained incredibly negative about him from then on.

She says: “He wasn’t funny or intelligent. His only chat up line was ‘You’re the one. I’ve never felt like this. I want to have your babies.’ Except two weeks later he’s saying it to the next one.

“When I found out he was with his friend’s mum that was it. I thought, ‘I can’t help you anymore, I’m going to Hollywood- See you later’.”

The actress has since claimed that Danny is threatening to sue her over her autobiography - obviously he has done some things that he isn’t proud of.

Defending her decision to spill the beans in her memoir, Kelly explained: “I wanted people to understand what happened, and I’m not a victim. It’s just the nature of things.

“If you play with the Devil you get burnt – but who wouldn’t want to dance with the Devil every now and then? What’s life if you don’t give it a go?

“I started to think all these men are absolutely spineless. I got wound up in the celebrity culture. Anyone or anything in this book is fair game.”

When asked if there was any similarity in the men that she has gone for, Kel did not hold back: “Yes, they’ve all been on their a***s when I met them. They didn’t have a career or they were at the end of one career and trying to start something else.

“I met them all at a not very good time for them and that’s my fault for being nurturing, for being like Mary Poppins. They were all either in debt, or had no job, or they were figuring out what to do.”

She then gets a bit more detailed and a lot more personal: “Jason was at the end of his career as a diver when I met him. Thom had just broken his neck and was finishing with rugby.

“Danny was just starting his rugby career and Billy was at the end of his movie career. I tried to help them and give them encouragement.”

Of all of her former flames, however, it is Jason Statham who has done the best for himself after he went on to be one of Britain’s highest-earning actors, starring in Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, and he is currently dating the gorgeous Rosie huntington-Whiteley.

Despite his success nowadays, Kelly spills that it wasn’t always easy for the actor, saying: “I know that for many years afterwards (the split) he wasn’t happy. Neither of us were. Part of us will always love each other.

“For instance, last year when the Danny thing was ending, Jason called out of the blue and said, ‘I still love you so much’, and I said ‘I still love you’. We’ll always still love each other.”

Aw, ain’t that lovely?

It’s undeniable that Kelly has had a tough time when it comes to the old love business, let’s hope her relationship with fiance and Celebrity Big Brother contestant, David McIntosh is better for her.

Although judging by Chanelle Hayes’ claims that he was too cheap to turn on his heating or even pay for his own Pizza Hut (she’s outraged) it doesn’t look as though Kelly Brook has wavered much from her ‘They’ve all been on their a***s when I met them’ type.

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