Kelly Brook’s Birthday: Her Most Boobtastic Instagram Pics

She has one of the most talked about chests in the country.

And Kelly Brook isn’t afraid to show off her ample assets on her social media, whether she’s asking us what we’re looking at (we’ll give you two guesses, Kel) or posing in a bikini.

As Kelly celebrates her 35th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her boobtastic MazSight pics.

1. Kelly’s Devil Boobs


Ah Halloween, how it gives the perfect opportunity to wear a skimpy fancy dress outfit.

And Kelly must have got the memo to dress sexily (hell, she probs WROTE the memo) as she donned a racy red devil costume that showed off her boobs to full advantage. [Insert horny devil joke here]

2. Kelly’s Bosom For A Pillow

“Taking a little rest before ShowTime @rebeccacorry #BosomPillow”

In the immortal words of Cornershop’s “Brimful of Asha” tune, everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, especially if said bosom belongs to Ms Brook like in this shot from November 2014.

I wonder how many people would LOVE to swap places with Kelly’s pal.

3. Kelly’s Tequila Boobs

“Boom! #Tequila #Tijuana that’s all Weekend Fun x”

You know how it is: you’re on holiday in Mexico, the tequila’s flowing, it’s hot even though it’s October and the rest of us mugs are freezing back here in the UK, so you just HAVE to strip down to a teeny tiny bikini, take photos, and then share them with the world while we shiver and go green with envy.

Boom indeed Kelly.

4. Kelly’s Multiple Boobs


What’s better than Kelly’s boobs? Lots of Kelly’s boobs, of course.

Kelly shared this Throwback Thursday shot of her beautiful bod in a pink bodycon dress with three different angles on display. It’s no wonder she’s smiling so wide. Kelly you look fab-u-lous.

5. Kelly’s Bikini Boobs


Kelly was on holiday in Mykonos with David McIntosh in September when she shared this cracker.

Keep sharing your boobtastic boby Kelly, good on yer for being happy in your own skin.

Erin McCarthy

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