Kelly Brook’s ‘Flop’ US Sitcom ‘One Big Happy’ Axed After Just Six Episodes

Poor Kelly Brook; after moving across the pond to fulfil her American dream of becoming a mahoosive sitcom actress, the star’s comedy series ‘One Big Happy’ has been unceremoniously axed.

Boo, hiss etc. etc.

And not only has this quashed Kel’s dreams of the NBC sitcom kicking off a lengthy TV career stateside, the Ellen DeGeneres show has been royally slammed by critics and viewers alike, with the final episode pulling in less than three million viewers.


Confirming that the show had been given the boot after just six episodes, a NBC spokesperson simply said: “The show One Big Happy is just not coming back. There is no more to say.”

However, a US TV source had a lot more to say, ranting: “One Big Happy was a laughing stock and a huge network flop.

“NBC worried about upsetting Ellen as she is so important to the network, but from start to finish the show was loathed by fans.

“When a show is barely getting three million fans after so much hype, everyone knew it was done for.”

However, it’s not all bad news for our fave Brit babe, with the source going on to defend the star’s honour, adding: “Kelly may have been playing the media and PR game well for them, but in truth the writing and humour was stuck in the 1970s.

“The show wasn’t funny enough or engaging enough, despite Kelly being liked by viewers.

​”It now means that her dream of US stardom is short-lived, and she will be without a show.

“​For Kelly the problem will now be shaking off such a dramatic flop from her career and aspirations of being seen as a good actress.”​

Critics have been slagging off the show from the moment it premiered, with Deadline’s Dominic Patten giving one of the most scathing reviews, writing: “​One Big Happy delivers stereotypes galore where a script should be.

“With frat-boy-level pee jokes and unfunny quips about lesbians, straight guys and Brits all over the place, it creaks along like the worst aspects of Three’s Company – and that’s just in the first few minutes.​”​


Don’t worry Kelly, babes, in the words of, erm, the TOWIE theme tune, the only way is up – Yeah?

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