Kelly Brook’s Nude Pictures Leak Onto The Internet Again After Star Is Targeted By Hackers

We thought that celebs and their private parts were finally safe after last year’s scary ‘The Fappening’ (vom), but poor Kelly Brook has fallen victim to those pervy Internet hackers yet again.

That’s right, the gorgeous One Big Happy star has had over twenty explicit pictures stolen and leaked online, apparently showing the actress in “varying states of undress”.

Seriously, can these hackers just call it a day now? It’s actually disgraceful.

This isn’t even the first time that Kelly has had naughty photos stolen and shared with the world, having previously been among the group of original celebs targeted by the out-of-control iCloud hack, which resulted in stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian having their personal pics nicked and uploaded to the 4Chan website.

The newest collection of stolen images are said to show the 35-year-old posing provocatively, as well as snapshots including her former fiance David McIntosh.

Previously the brunette babe has said of the hackers: “The only nude photos you’ll ever see of me are the ones I ‘leak’ and the ones that my head are superimposed on!”, but she is yet to comment on the latest hacking scandal.

Does anybody else think that the pervs behind this need to find another kind of hobby? Because we are really starting to get sick and tired of this happening…

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