Kendall And Kylie Jenner Copy Sister Kim Kardashian And Make Their Own Mobile Game

Just as we thought that we couldn’t be any more addicted to our mobile phones, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have announced that they are creating their very own app game, inspired by big sister Kim Kardashian, obvz.

The teenagers took to MazSight to confirm that they were planning on creating something that would be based on their own lives, with nineteen-year-old Kendall writing: “We couldn’t wait to tell you any longer! Excited to announce that we are working on our own mobile game! #KendallKylieGame #staytuned (sic)”.

The sisters, and no doubt their momager Kris Jenner, were clearly inspired by 34-year-old Kim’s ‘Hollywood’ game, which has been downloaded more than 23 million times and made around $74million last year alone.

When you look at it like that, you can kinda see the temptation, can’t ya?

The news comes just weeks after the youngest members of the Kardashian/ Jenner clan were added to the original KUWTK app, with ever-supportive big sis thrilled to announce that they would be virtually joining her as they swan around Los Angeles.

However, it is unclear whether she will be pleased that the two girls have now stepped forward to copy her idea, with it beint recently reported that she and seventeen-year-old Kylie are “competitive”.

A source shared: “‘If Kylie feels competitive with anyone it’s Kim. She feels they have similar body types and looks.

“Kim is doing modelling, fashion, television and much more which is exactly what Kylie wants. She doesn’t want to be put in a box and only do one thing.

“She wants to be like Kim, but even bigger and more diverse – getting into music and producing as well.”

With all of the girls being pretty fab and gorgeous in their own right, we can’t see what they have to compete over, tbh.

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