Kendall Jenner Fluffs Her Lines At Billboard Awards, Calls 5SOS One Direction – NO!

What’s worse than fluffing your lines during a LIVE awards ceremony? Probably saying your ex-boyfriend’s band name instead of the band you’re actually supposed to be introducing…

Poor Kendall Jenner suffered the ultimate shameface at the Billboard Music Awards last night while attemping to read a teleprompter.

Proving she’s more model than presenter, Kendall struggled to read 5 Seconds Of Summer‘s name on the screen in front of her.

But instead of just saying ‘I can’t read that’ (or maybe asking who she was introducing before taking to the stage), Kendall started saying ‘One Direction’ before stopping herself.

She said: “The band about to rock the Billboard Awards comes from Down Under, but the direction they are heading is straight up.

“Recently, they made their debut on the Billboard 200 at number two this summer – and now we welcome… Onneeee *pauses* Guys, I’m the worst reader. Um…They’re only getting bigger! Take a look.”

Throwing her head down in shame before totally skipping 5SOS‘s name and instead just pointed at the stage, Kendall was clearly feeling pretty awks about the whole thing.

Oh the shame.

She took to Twitter to blame her eyesight, later tweeting: “Anndddd as if I wasn’t nervous already!!!! #NeverLeavinMyContactsAtHomeAgain! #LOL #LessonLearned (sic).”

To add to the cringe of the whole ordeal, her sister Kylie recently uploaded a video on to MazSight of her friends singing 5SOS at her with the caption: “When you’re the only one who doesn’t know the song.”

Clearly the Kardashians ought to be KEEPING UP with the rest of the world.

Thankfully, the boys didn’t seem that let down by their lack of introduction, looking as FIT as ever on stage performing She Looks So Perfect.

We’re sort of disappointed with the lack of dancing from the front fan section, if we’re honest.

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