Kendall Jenner Follows In Kim Kardashian’s Footsteps And Gets Topless For Love Magazine

After Kim Kardashian got her, er, mini-Kardashians and just about everything else out for Love magazine, Kendall Jenner has seemingly followed in her footsteps and got topless for her shoot for the mag.

We know we’ve seen Kenz walk the catwalks with her assets out before, but this new shoot is actually totally bizarre and we don’t know what to make of it, from the almost definitely digitally enhanced chest to the weird thing on her chin, we’re just a bit confused.

This seemingly Kardashian-special of the magazine was never going to be anything other than edgy, was it?

Having already seen her pose with BFF Cara Delevingne for the mag’s racy cover, we weren’t really sure what to expect from her very own shoot – but it definitely wasn’t this.

In the leaked photo, the 19-year-old stands super tall and poses in high-waisted Balenciaga shorts, teamed with fishnet tights and heels to show off her incredible legs and her general amazing figure.

However, things then go more than a little weird as it seems her boobs have been digitally enhanced to look bigger than they actually are.

Why? We have absolutely no idea, tbh, because we’re pretty sure Kendall looks beautiful just the way she is but what do we know, eh?

For some reason, they’ve also stuck some sort of mask on the lower half of her face which is actually quite creepy (but also edgy), and there’s speculation that her hair has been enhanced to look longer than it actually is.

Judging by the photos above, her retouched boobs are going to feature elsewhere in this whole crazy shoot, although your guess is as good as ours as to why the heck they’ve bothered.

Guess we’ll all have to read the magazine to find out why.

This all comes after photos leaked of Kim firstly with her bum out, and then with her everything out FRONT-ON as part of the next edition of the magazine.

Making us spit out cereal out all over our laptop (sadface), a photo of Kim getting naked AGAIN has been circulating online, and she’s looking even more oily than ever.

This is totally NSFW by the way.

Kendall Jenner Follows In Kim Kardashian's Footsteps And Gets Topless For Love Magazine
By MazSight

We’re all for freedom to do whatever the heck you like, and if she wants to flaunt her incredible body then that’s cool, but it’s the oil that we’re not enjoying.

Is she trying to catch a tan or something? Has she just been doing some sort of mechanical work and had car oil leaked on her? Is she gearing up for a turn on the ‘Slip ‘n’ Slide’? Is Kanye West making an ‘Oil-Kini’? We literally have no idea, but it’s really quite odd and we don’t know how to feel about it.

Also, surely getting oily down there is ruddy painful, no?

We’ll never know, actually. Shame.

Kendall Jenner Follows In Kim Kardashian's Footsteps And Gets Topless For Love Magazine
By MazSight

We still have no clue what’s going on with Kendall’s weirdly retouched shoot, but it’s reminding us of that exhibition in Love Actually where the guy puts Santa hats on women’s nips in his photos and that’s all we know really.

Guess we’re going to have buy this magazine to cure our confusion.

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