Kendall Jenner Gets Justin Bieber To Help Her Show-off ‘New’ Haircut

Kendall Jenner had to call in some help from her pal Justin Bieber when it came to debuting her new haircut today, as all anyone could talk about was her sister’s derrière.

In the video, which Biebs posted earlier, Kim’s younger sister looks like she’s been to the salon, and while it’s kind of blurry it definitely looks like Miss Jenner has shoulder-length hair.

It’s not exactly concrete proof that the model has lobbed her long locks off, we’re just not sure where else she could be hiding the rest of her volumous do!

But, if you’re going to show-off your new hair then there’s probably no better place to do it than Justin’s MazSight account, which has around 22 million followers.

Only 22 million?! Pshhht!

In the short video that (as far as we know) revolves mainly around coffee cup sizes, the camera suddenly cuts up to a giggling Kendall, who appears to have a new shoulder-grazing haircut.

But, then again, the video is all over the place, and we’re still trying to figure out whether it’s a sneak-peak of her new hair or just random ramblings about coffee.

FYI, we can’t really imagine that Justin and Kendall have many discussions concerning the finer points of beverage cup sizes.

And, if it really is a new hair debut, then it looks fantastic!

But Kendall you really didn’t have to resort to using Biebs’ account to get the news out, you could have used your own, no one is blaming you for Kim breaking the Internet with her bum.

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