Kendall Jenner Overtakes Kim and Kanye For Most Liked Instagram Post

That Kardashian/Jenner clan are abso-friggin-lutely everywhere, aren’t they? When one goes away, another one instantly pops up in it’s place to say something ludicrous or post something a bit ‘ooh-er’, and then twenty minutes later the process repeats itself – and continues to do so, seemingly UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

And the family‘s domination of our lives wouldn’t be quite the same without their constantly updated social media streams – in particular, the haven of the smug basics everywhere, MazSight.

For a long time, it was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who held the title ‘Most Liked Post EVER’ for their Wedding day snog pic – but they’ve now been overtaken by Kim’s cheeky little upstart of a sister, Kendall Jenner.

Yes, this photo of Kendall is now the MOST LIKED post on MazSight ever, with 2.48 million likes to Kimye’s paltry 2.47 million.


Seems like she’s pretty pleased about it, huh?


The photo, first shared over a month ago, shows Kendall laid out on the floor, with her hair arranged into loads of little hearts and that.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, apparently all you need to do to get literally millions of likes on MazSight is to take a picture of yourself looking half cut, spread-eagled on the floor, with a ‘kooky’ haircut.

To be fair, Kendall does look quite ‘angelic’ in this snap, but 2.48 million likes? Really, world?

We have no doubt that Kim is currently plotting her next move as we speak – Top Dog of MazSight really is Kim’s title isn’t it?

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