Kerry Katona: ‘I Told My Kids About My Drug Abuse Past To Scare Them’

Poor old Kerry Katona hasn’t had the easiest ride since she found fame in girlband Atomic Kitten, and her battle with drug abuse has been a particularly well-document aspect of her private life.

Now, the singer has come forward to reveal that she has been seriously open with her kids when it comes to her past – even telling them the horrors of her addiction in a bid to terrify them enough to stay away from drugs for good.

Speaking to The Mirror, the mum-of-five shared: “Being a mum is my proudest achievement. My children are so clever and beautiful they make my life ­complete.

“Having a big, happy family is all I have ever wanted and I will do ­everything I can to protect my kids and keep them happy. They have given me no cause for concern so far but I do worry about them constantly.

“That’s why I’ve been very open and honest about my past, especially with Molly and Lilly, my eldest. I’ve told them everything.

“They know how dangerous drugs can be and I’m hoping I’ve scared the hell out of them.

“I want them to have the best lives they possibly can. My ­children are definitely my proudest achievement.”

Just say ‘no’, kids, just say ‘no’.

The 34-year-old has always been very open about the years that she abused her body with cocaine and has now been drug-free for six-and-a-half years, settling down with husband George Kay and her children; thirteen-year-old Molly, twelve-year-old Lilly, Heidi, eight, Max, six, and eleven-month-old Dylan George.

Speaking about her kids, the star shared that she reckons her own difficult childhood – where she spent time living with various foster carers and in refuges – is what spurred her on to be such a ruddy good mum, saying: “I had such a bad ­childhood I never had anyone to turn to. I was an only child and always felt really lonely.

“I was born with a wooden spoon in my mouth and my kids were born with a silver spoon in theirs.

“We go on amazing holidays and they’ve had a private education. I’m ­trying to give them what I didn’t have.

“I wanted a big family because when I’ve gone they will have each other.”

And we reckon that despite having troubles in the past, Kerry is doing a pretty fantastic job at this whole ‘mothering’ malarkey.

Good going, Kez, your kids are lucky to have ya!

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