Kerry Katona Slams Reports That Her Marriage Is Already On The Rocks

It might just be third time lucky for Kez.

Kerry Katona has hit back at reports that she and her new husband, George Kay, are headed for a divorce.

The 34-year-old supposedly cancelled a family holiday this Christmas because George had started to act a tad “jealous and clingy”, but she has now spoken out, well tweeted, to defend her hubby’s honour.

She wrote: “Every girl dreams of finding her knight in shining armor, but not me… I’ve already got mine ;) @MrGSKay xxxxxxxx”

That winky face speaks VOLUMES. 

The Atomic Kitten star then went on a bit of ‘rumour debunking’ Twitter rampage, as she messaged various media publications to call them out on made-up stories about her.

Asked by a fan if she had seen a story about George having a meltdown amidst divorce rumours, Kerry replied: “Just read it too! Can’t believe they put a made up story like that on front page!”

She then tweeted the publication itself, writing: “@DailyStarSunday OMG!! I’ve just read your bull sh*t story!! Where on earth has that come from?? All lies!! That is completely made up!!!”

Before tweeting another fan: “It’s a load if bullshit! I’ve got no idea where they’ve got this from!!”

AND another publication, although their original tweet that she was responding to has mysteriously been deleted: 


It was reported that former Rugby champ, George, was detained under the Mental Health Act earlier this year after he suffered a meltdown outside of their family home, which he blamed on a mix of alcohol, steroids, and sleeping pills.

However, it now seems as though suggestions that this meltdown could have spelt the end for Kerry’s marriage were completely unfounded.

Which we have to say is quite a relief considering the newlyweds recently sealed their total love and adoration for one another by getting matching rose tattoos.

Now THAT could have been awkward.

Kerry chose to have her two roses on her shoulder, whilst George went for maximum pain as the side of his neck got inked.

And not only that, George showed that he aims to be in with the Katona clan forever by getting all of the names of his four step-children tattooed onto his bod as well.

The newlyweds’ relationship appears to be going from strength to strength, with a source recently revealing that the star is trying for baby number six.

Probably not the best time for a sprog when you’ve said you’re bankrupt, but okay.

The source told Closer magazine: “They’re definitely fitting in lots of baby making practice on honeymoon. She knows another baby will be hard work but she says she always manages to cope.”

Er, good luck guys?!

We just hope George has left space on his arm for another name…

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