Kim Dotcom Live Stream: Megaupload Founder Speaks To New Yorker About File Sharing, Digital Privacy

Kim Dotcom, Megaupload founder and Internet entrepreneur, will speak with the New Yorker in a live interview scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. EDT on Saturday. Dotcom’s interview follows a 1 p.m. chat with Edward Snowden.

To watch a live stream of Dotcom’s New Yorker interview, click here. Dotcom is fighting an extradition request that would bring him to the U.S. from New Zealand over alleged copyright infringement. Dotcom’s lawyers recently lost an appeal to a high court order requiring Dotcom to reveal his financial assets.

Film studios in the U.S. filed a civil suit against the Megaupload creator for more than $79 million in damages over pirated films. The studios were reportedly worried that Dotcom would spend all of the cash before they could get it, the Guardian reports. including $2.7 million donated to the Internet party before New Zealand’s general election, as well as bounties for information on U.S. and New Zealand governments.

Josh Feldman

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