Kim Kardashian Admits That She ‘Always’ Wets Herself And Kourtney Is ‘Notorious’ For Peeing In Public

Today in information that you really didn’t need to know, Kim Kardashian has admitted that she pees herself all the frickin’ time.

Try not to vom too much over that one.

The shocking revelation is just another one of the many gems to come from her Love magazine interview with Cara Delevingne, y’know, that one where she told the world that her fave sex position is “from behind” and there’s “no such thing as too big”.

It’s just the gift that keeps on giving, ain’t it?

In this particular instance, Kim blames her love of body slimming underwear, Spanx, for her urination problem, claiming that it’s too much of a struggle to get out of the tight-fitting garments, so just lets loose there and then.


The mum-of-one shared: “I always pee all over my Spanx, it’s a disaster.

“They aren’t crotchless enough!”

What an excuse, eh? And also, what about the smell??

Strangely enough, Kim isn’t the only Kardashian to wet herself frequently, as the 34-year-old goes on to add that big sis, and mother of three, Kourtney, is well-known for weeing in public.

The star divulged: “Kourtney was a little bit notorious for that, actually.

“I remember we were at the Delano Hotel in Miami, they will probably never let us stay there again, she went behind a curtain.”



We are pretty much stunned, and seriously grossed out, to learn that wetting yourself is a pretty normal thing in the Kardashian circuit.

So normal in fact that Kim didn’t even think twice about admitting the entire thing to the world.

Personally, we reckon that if your Spanx is so tight that it’s stopping you from using the proper facilities, perhaps you should just opt to let it all hang out….

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