Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Celebrate Their 1st Wedding Anniversary

We think that you can basically divide the history of humanity into two distinct eras. Forget ‘BC’ and ‘AD’ (seriously, that’s so yesterday) – no, for us it’s very much ‘BKW’ and ‘AKW’.

For those who might need a translation, that’s ‘Before the Kimye Wedding‘ and ‘After the Kimye Wedding’. Yes, it’s hard to believe that it was only a year ago that we were downing cups of coffee and Red Bull like it was going out of fashion, frenetically scrolling through our timeline for anything #KimyeWeddingUpdate related.

And no-one is more nostalgic about this seminal moment in the history of humanity than Kim Kardashian herself.

The social media behemoth has been busy reminding us lowly citizens of the world of how amazing her wedding was, sharing some lovely snaps on MazSight  and telling us how it was ‘the best week of her life’.

Awww, ain’t that sweet?

Basically, everything was on fleek. The dress, the hen night, the wedding, the food…


Posting a snap of herself with none other than uber-fancy designer Valentino and former Vogue editor André Talley, Kim wrote: ‘The day before our wedding @andreltalley @privateggand @RealMrValentino threw us the most amazing brunch to celebrate & we are forever grateful for these memories! This was the best week of my life’.

Well it certainly beats our Marie’s bash at the Harvester two years ago.

She also paid tribute to her gal-pals, posting a snap of the gang enjoying her hen do outisde the Eiffel Tower, writing: ‘I will never forget last year at my bachelorette dinner all of the speeches from all of my best friends that came to paris to celebrate! I love you all so much!’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Celebrate Their 1st Wedding Anniversary
By MazSight

To be honest, we were a little sad that Kim had decided to snub the traditional aspects of the hen do: no Poundland tiaras, no neon pink ‘satin’ bomber jackets and absolutely no penis-straws. How the other half live, eh?

Here’s to a whole shedload of #KimyeAnniversary posts for years to come!

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