Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Change Their Sheets Every Day Because Kim Is SO Messy

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s former housekeeper has come forward to quite literally dish the dirt on her famous employers, and although she has revealed that Kim is SERIOUSLY messy, she also has a heart of gold.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, haterz.

On top of being nice and stuff, the housekeeper made the rather shocking revelation that Kim insists that her bedsheets are changed on a daily basis, and if the sheets aren’t high quality silk then she doesn’t want to know.

The housekeeper told Star magazine: “She would only use white silk linens and she was very particular about them.

“They had to be silk, and they had to be changed daily.”

And believe it or not, there is an actual reason as to why they needed to be changed so often: “Every single morning her white sheets would be covered in makeup,” the mystery housekeeper added, “There was always mascara and foundation everywhere.”

Geez Kim, ever heard of a makeup wipe?!

It’s not just Kim’s bed that required extra cleaning treatment either, with the housekeeper going on to reveal: “Kim’s bedroom and bathroom are beyond filthy at all times, no matter how often it was cleaned.

“The minute Kim entered everything was trashed – like a tornado had just gone through it.”


Still, despite all the mess and makeup, the insider had only kind words to say about the 34-year-old, sharing: “She was extremely humble and down to earth. While the housekeepers would clean her room, Kim would sit and chat with them and she was generous.

“One time she gifted someone on her staff a computer for Christmas. It was awesome and so kind.

“She was the only one out of the three [Kardashian sisters] to give anyone helping out any gifts.”

Kinda makes changing all those bedsheets worth it, right?

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