Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton FINALLY Reunite! Becomes Best Pals With Kate Moss, Too.

We could not love this night out anymore to be honest.

Kim Kardasian seemingly had a right old night of it yesterday – we saw her posting pics of what looked like a post-coital Kanye (eurgh), chilling out with Justin Bieber, and getting pally with Ciara, of ’1,2, Step’ fame.

But the Queen of the Selfie took things to the next level of amazingness on her MazSight feed last night – reuniting with her former BFF/slave driver/nemesis paris Hilton.

Yes, you read that correctly. After all these years, Paris has found her former assistant pal once more.

Excuse us whilst we whack on ‘The Simple Life’ and pretend like its 2005 all over again.

You may remember that Kim was apparently left feeling ‘betrayed’ after Kendall – also in attendance at the same party – was spotted cosying up to Paris the other week (after she’d said some MEAN things about Kim).

But Mrs. West seems pretty chill with the situation – captioning the image, saying “Reminiscing about the 1st time we went to Ibiza in 2006! @parishilton it was so good to see you & catch up!! Loves it lol”

See, she’s even talking like it’s 2005 – who still says ‘Loves it?’ (OK FINE, WE STILL SAY IT).

So, have these two reality-TV starlets buried the hatchet? Is Kim just being fabulously fake to make things easier for her sister? Or is this all just some type of ‘WE’RE ALL PALS HERE’ ridiculousness?

Who knows, but we totally love it.

Kimbo also treated us to this absolute GEM of a picture. The caption? “You can’t sit with us”.

Yes, that is indeed Kanye, Kim, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.


Kim Kardashian.




Seriously, we can’t even deal with this right now. What we would have given to be a fly on the toilet cubicle at THAT party.

(We also are thoroughly enjoying the fact that Kate’s completely ‘ceebs’ about getting dressed for the party, and has just worn an old fisherman’s net that she found on the beach).

So is this a blossoming friendship we’re starting to see between Kate ‘n’ Kim? Will Kate have a new pal she can take with her on her half-cut EasyJet flights back from Bodrum?

We sure hope so – new mum’s need their fun, don’t they?

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Gabe Bergado

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