Kim Kardashian Apologises For Misspelling Giorgio Armani’s Name: ‘I’m A Tad Sleep Deprived’

Kim Kardashian faced a tiny bit of public embarrassment yesterday when prestigious designer brand Giorgio Armani decided that Twitter was the appropriate place to school the pregnant reality star on how to spell.

It was all a bit awkward, but we have a feeling that it was water off a duck’s back for Kim.

The 34 year old found the time amid planning her daughter north‘s magical second birthday party to send out a tweet pondering why “Georgio Armani” had discontinued her fave foundation.

The official Twitter account was quick to respond, offering to send her out a bottle of the missing make-up but seemingly unable to resist the cheeky dig: “And Mr. Armani’s first name is Giorgio.”


Anyways, we advised Ms. Kardashian West to just blame the mishap on baby brain, and obvz as our number one fan she decided to take our suggestion on board, retweeting the brand’s original message and adding: “Thank you so much and my apologies on the spelling error, this expecting Mommy is a tad sleep deprived. ;-)

We’ll let you have that excuse for free, babes.

And kudos for the bonus winky face at the end there, what a nice touch.

Kim has had a lot on her plate recently as she organised her daughter’s birthday party in none other than actual Disneyland whilst battling horrific morning sickness with her second pregnancy, all on top of her younger sister, Khloe Kardashian, tragically losing close friend Jamie Sangouthai earlier this week, and her step-parent, Caitlyn Jenner’s, highly publicized, and ongoing, gender reassignment.

Considering Kim still hasn’t found the time to share the promised pics from North’s special day, we’re impressed that she even managed to respond to Mr. Armani’s tweet… But at least she apologised, eh?

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