Kim Kardashian Crops Daughter North West Out Of Selfie?!

Kim Kardashian has confirmed she does not like to share the spotlight with anyone, and that includes her own daughter north West.

Kim who is famously addicted to taking selfies posed for a snap over the weekend, however, even though it’s clear she is carrying North in her arms Kim did some dodgy cropping and cut her mini-me out of the snap.

The 34-year-old reality TV queen treated North to an outing at a Disney On Ice show on Sunday, as she posted a picture of the two of them with a group of other Mums and tots.

But Nori must have done something to annoy mummy K though, as Kim was clearly not in the mood for snapping a selfie with her daughter, and proved that by promptly cropping the little girl out of the picture.

Some of Kim’s 23.4 million MazSight followers couldn’t quite believe that Kim actually cropped her daughter out of the photo, and poked fun at Kim for her photoshop faux pas.

Some even went as far as to call her the “worst mom ever” – which is a tad extreme in the grand scheme of things.

One user commented on the pic: “Worst mom ever, can’t even post a pic with her daughter on IG. She cuts her daughter out of the photo… Omg… Name me one mom, except Kim, who has done this before.”

Others were a bit nicer, and just laughed and wrote incredulous LOLs on the picture.

However we don’t think she would just crop North out for no reason at all, as Kim was a-OK sharing a selfie with her nephew Mason, and was more than happy to pose with Rihanna at an event earlier on in the week – so it’s not exactly like she’s appose to sharing some of the limelight (some of the time).

We just hope this is an isolated cropping incident as nothing quite says A-list family love like a mum and daughter selfie.

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