Kim Kardashian Denies Refusing To Sit Near Rita Ora At MTV VMAs

You would have thought that enough had happened at this year’s VMAs to avoid completely made up rumours.

But it looks like the rumour mill has no intention of slowing down when Kim Kardashian is concerned, as Kim has had to come forward and deny ANOTHER load of feud accusations.

Everybody worked themselves into a bit of a frenzy when sources claimed that the reality star had refused to sit anywhere near her brother, Rob Kardashian’s, ex girlfriend Rita Ora at the MTV VMAs last week.

It was reported that upon finding out that she would be near Rita, Kim insisted that she were moved with insiders telling TMZ that Kim still blames the singer for “messing with her brother’s head” when they were together.

Well, that would be understandable if there was any truth to Rob’s claim that Rita cheated on him with almost twenty guys when they dated back in 2012, which Rita has refused to either confirm or deny.

Yikes – maybe he and Calvin Harris should start a support group?

However, Kim’s representative has come forward to quash the ridiculous accusations, saying: “She sat in the seat she was assigned. The tickets were issued days prior. The item is false.”

Short and sweet but definitely to the point. 

This isn’t the only feud that Kim has had to deny this week, with her trusty rep also coming forward to deny rumours that there was a massive rift between her and Beyonce, stemming from the fact that Bey and Jay Z snubbed Kim and Kanye West’s Wedding earlier this year.

The statement read: “There is no feud, it’s a tabloid fabrication.”

Again, short and sweet.

At least all of these rumours are keeping her spokesperson busy we suppose!

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