Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Post As Many Selfies As You Think, Despite Releasing A Book Of Them

Everybody has been so busy bleating on about that bloomin’ General Election and that ruddy Royal Baby that we have all kind of lost sight of what really matters – Kim Kardashian‘s selfies.

When she has a book coming out of them and everything, what an outrage.

Thankfully, those lovely people over at Fusion haven’t been so distracted, in fact, they’ve launched an actual Very Important Investigation into the reality star’s lucrative art form, and the findings are actually rather surprising.

To celebrate the launch of Kim’s 448-page book of pictures of herself, the site dedicated a whole load of time to create a scientific analysis of the mum-of-one’s MazSight account, and found that she doesn’t post anywhere near as many selfies as we might all think.

Looking back over the last year, they concluded that of the 1,076 photos that Kim uploaded to her social media site, only 152 of them were selfies, which is actually just one in seven.

But that’s not all the exciting information that was found, the findings have also been able to reveal that Kim takes 18.4% of her selfies on Thursdays and only 8% on Saturdays…. Which we are sure there is some kind of awe-inspiring reason for.

In fact, we’ll definitely have to ask next time we bump into her.

It was also discovered that Kim’s ‘selfies’ aren’t exactly staying true to the definition of the word, with 61% of them being pics posed alongside at least one other person – including her sisters, husband, and daughter north.

At least she isn’t lonely, eh?

Kim’s seemingly dwindling use of the selfie will no doubt help ease the pain of her dedicated fans who were rather ironically told that they weren’t allowed to pose for pics with the star at the book signings for her new release ‘Selfish’.

The book promises to give a sneaky insight into the life of one of the world’s most famous women as she provides previously unseen, and sometimes rather embarrassing, pictures of her past.

Unfortunately if her latest MazSight activity is anything to go by, a sequel is probably a long, long way off.

Come on Kim, up your game – you are supposed to be the selfie Queen for goodness’ sake!

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