Kim Kardashian Dyes Her Hair Blonde And MASSIVELY Fails To Hide It Under Giant Hat

It seems like every celeb and their dog has been doing new and exciting things with their hair, and Kim Kardashian caught our attention when she was spotted hiding her new, shorter style underneath a mahoosive knitted hat.

At first we wondered if she had gone EVEN SHORTER, but then her stealthy disguise massively failed and we instead got an eyeful of her new, golden blonde locks.

You tried to hide it, Kim, and that’s the main thing.

The reality star has strayed from her famous jet black hair colour before, going blonde for a stint back in 2013, and her sister Khloe has also chosen the lighter look with her more recent hairstyles.

But is it just us or does Kim’s new look seem even lighter than any Kardashian look that has ever come before it?

Although it is most likely that the mum-of-one is just hoping to stun the world with her new look at some grand and very specific upcoming event, the effort that she went to in an attempt to keep her hair hidden does leave us wondering if perhaps there was a bit of a mishap and she isn’t happy with her current ‘do?

To be honest, Kim could rock anything and still look ruddy amazing.

The pics of the star were taken in France, where she and her husband, Kanye West, are staying for paris fashion Week.

Meanwhile, it was reported yesterday that Kim has hired a BUM THERAPIST because she is so unhappy with how her backside looks in paparazzi photos.

On the plus side, her new platinum hair has probably stolen all of the attention from her famous butt, so here’s hoping she can sleep easy tonight with that knowledge, eh?

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