Kim Kardashian FINALLY Does The Ice Bucket Challenge, Obviously Takes A Selfie Whilst Doing It

We thought this phase was over.

After a couple of intense weeks of a new celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge video cropping up every ten seconds, we thought that any celeb that was going to take part had done so.

It ranged from Leonardo DiCaprio to Simon Cowell to 4/5 members of One Direction, as well as the entire Beckham clan, and after a few silent days on the Ice Bucket front we thought that the challenge had had it’s time and we would be putting it to rest with the #NoMakeUpSelfie.

But Kim Kardashian has brought it back.

And not only did she do the Ice Bucket Challenge, she did it on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and in the most Kim Kardashian way possible.

Posting a preview clip on her MazSight page, Ellen had obviously noticed that Kim’s name was missing from the very long list of celeb participants and appeared to want to right this wrong by making the reality star take part in front of the live studio audience of the show.

True to form, Kim agreed to partake and is poised with her iPhone in optimum selfie-taking position, ready to take a snap as Ellen pours the bucket of ice cold water over her head.

We should have known that Kim wasn’t going to let the small risk of her phone getting doused in water prevent her from taking a selfie, after all, she has a bit of a reputation for taking them no matter the circumstance.

We can’t wait to see how this particular one turned out.

And it isn’t just selfies that Kim is getting attention for lately.

After being honoured as The Woman Of The Year at GQ’s Men Of The Year awards last week, the 33-year-old made our eyes pop out of our heads when her official GQ photoshoot landed…

…It was very, very naked.

The only conclusion that we can take from all of this is that whatever the situation, and however it is taken, Kim loves having photos of herself.

But to be honest, if we were as hot as her we would probably be the same. 

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Billy Hallowell

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