Kim Kardashian Flashes Her Bum As She Gets Patted Down At Airport Security With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West found themselves being treated like TOTALLY NORMAL PEOPLE at LAX airport yesterday, where they were subjected to a full on frisk, pat-down, and, in Kim’s case, shoe removal, before they were allowed to board their flight.

Phew, we’re just glad to see that even the celebs can’t avoid the awkwardness of having a stranger get up close and personal with your bod all in the name of security.

Even more awkwardly for the 34-year-old reality star, she accidentally flashed her famous bum as she perched on a nearby bench to take her shoes off to walk through security, although hubby Kanye was allowed to keep his trainers on.

Who knows what Kim is harbouring in her strappy stilettos, eh?

The mum-of-one then found herself being frisked by a female member of airport staff, with the steward getting to grips with Kim’s world famous asset, consequently giving herself a pretty solid dinner party anecdote for the rest of her life.

Patting down Kim Kardashian’s bum? All in a days work, people.

By the time the star had been frisked to perfection, inspected with precision, and had all of her bags searched and secured on that fancy conveyer belt, she and Kanye were spotted looking ever so slightly fed-up of waiting around.

And who can blame them really? That time inbetween security and boarding a flight is KEY for grabbing as many duty free bargains and in-flight snacks as physically possible.

To be honest, we wouldn’t want to be left waiting either.

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