Kim Kardashian Gets Her Naked Bum Out And Smokes A Cigarette In Racy Leaked Photo

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to getting her naked bum out for a photo shoot or two, so it’s no surprise that another photo of her doing just that for a new photoshoot has leaked online.

What IS surprising, besides that fact that it was leaked rather than released by actual Love magazine itself, is that Kim looks almost unrecognisable in the photo AND is seen smoking a cigarette.

Errrr, is that definitely you, Kim?!

The photo is claimed to be of the 34-year-old by various Kardashian fan accounts on Twitter, although she doesn’t really look a whole lot like her actual self in the photo.

Apart from her famous naked derriere, of course, which we’ve all seen too many times to count now.

In the pic, Kim shows her bum to the camera as she bends over wearing just a jacket, some stockings and heels.


Kim Kardashian Gets Her Naked Bum Out And Smokes A Cigarette In Racy Leaked Photo
By MazSight

It’s the whole smoking thing that’s got us a touch confused, since as though she’s actually a non-smoker, but considering this is a high-fashion photo shoot, we’ll go ahead and assume it’s all for show to fit in with the theme of her thirty-two page spread.

There’s no word on whether it’s taken from her recent shoot, styled by editor Katie Grand and shot by Steven Klein.

It looks a bit like it to us, with *that* naked Prada photo on the left, but we can’t say for certain.


Kim has yet to comment on this latest photo.

Last month, the magazine previewed a new shot of Kim standing totally naked for one of her shoots on MazSight before quickly deleting it from the world.

Well, it *would’ve* been deleted from the world, if savvy and fast-screen-shotting fans hadn’t saved it and circulated it on Twitter instantly.


Appearing in the February issue of the magazine, Kim posed totally nekkid with her back to the camera under the headline: “Kim wears Prada,” for “a special project created exclusively for LOVE.”

Errrr, WEARS?! Where is she wearing it? Does holding an item of clothing in your hand mean you’re wearing it these days? Hashtag high fashion.

The project in question? This: “Kim Kardashian wears the new spring collection alongside spring/summer 2012 pieces remade in this season’s fabrics and archive Prada and Miu Miu.”

Kim Kardashian Gets Her Naked Bum Out And Smokes A Cigarette In Racy Leaked Photo
By MazSight


The magazine FINALLY gets released next week, so we guess we better prepare ourselves for more of these previews.


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