Kim Kardashian Gets Paid $500,000 To Party In Vegas For Her Birthday

So it was Kim Kardashian’s 34th birthday party last night, and in typical Kim style the whole affair was demure, quiet and restrained.

JUST KIDDING – it was completely ridiculous, resembling a cult initiation more than a birthday soirée for a mother-of-one. Oh, and get this, Kimbo got PAID – yes, paid – for her birthday, to the tune of $500,000.


We’re just confused as to how they managed to fit that inside a W.H. Smith’s birthday card to be honest.

According to those nosey parkers at Radar Online, the reality star got paid the colossal sum of cash for appearing at the Tao nightclub (which sounds to us like some sort of Japanese health drink that you’d pick up in Waitrose…) for her festivities.

And the big wad of wonga wasn’t the only perk Mrs.West received for holding her birthday bash inside a ‘multi-faceted and multi-story  Asian City’ (their words, not ours) – she got to stay in the Presidential suite at the Venetian hotel, who in turn paid for her family and friends to fly out for the event with her from LA. BY PRIVATE JET.

Oh how the other half live – it almost makes our birthday ‘do at Pizza Express look a bit tame to be honest.

Kim was joined by her mum and new celebrity chef ‘du jour’ Kris Jenner, her sister Khloe and of course, her beloved Kanye West – who – NEWSFLASH, actually managed to smile for once in his life.

To be fair, we’d been smiling too, if we knew how much money was being whacked into the joint account that very second.

Baby north was nowhere to be seen, alas. We can only assume that the Jenner girls were sat at home earning some pocket money by babysitting the little baba.

Never mind girls, maybe next year, eh?

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