Kim Kardashian Gets Sister Kylie Jenner’s Fashion Seal Of Approval: ‘I’ve Made It’

Kim Kardashian is feeling seriously proud of herself this morning, and it’s all because she got the fasion thumbs up from her trendy sister, Kylie Jenner.

Four for you, Kim Kardashian, you go, Kim Kardashian.

Kim and hubby Kanye West had been guests at the BET Honours, where Kanye received the Visionary award, when Kim received this ultimate compliment.

After taking to MazSight to share a whole load of gushing pics about her ‘baby’ making her proud, the 34-year-old mum of one then shared a close-up pic of her gorgeous face, captioning it with: “When Kylie texts me saying she loves my look last night, I know I’ve made it!

“Lol this post is for her. For the glam breakdown go to @makeupbymario @michaelsilvahair.”

Psh, who cares about your husband being named as one of five distinguished African American luminaries, who are celebrated for their exceptional achievements at the fancy gala, when you’ve had your fashionista sister’s seal of approval, eh?

It’s alright, babes, we actually totally get it.

Before playing the part of the proud wife last night, Kim had made our hearts go all kinds of gooey in a recent interview where she revealed just how much she is embracing motherhood.

Speaking about her and Kanye’s nineteen-month-old daughter, north West, the reality star shared: “My husband and daughter make me happy. My favourite thing is when North wakes me up in the morning.

“My eyes will be closed and she’ll put her nose right in my face. I open my eyes and she looks at me like, ‘Oh there you are’.

“It’s the cutest thing and my favourite part of the day.”


And it definitely sounds like a much more appealing wake up call than our current, phone-standard, alarm clock.

A bloomin’ adorable daughter, a husband who is celebrated for his ‘exceptional achievements’, and a sister who ‘loves your look’ – seems to us like Kim has this whole ‘winning at life’ thing down to a T.

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