Kim Kardashian: ‘I Want To Cry When I See Kendall Jenner Walk Down A Runway’

The Kardashian/ Jenner clan are so tight-knit, they’re basically the Mitchells of the showbiz world.

And although none of the gorgeous girls even slightly resemble bald-headed brothers Phil and Grant, they most definitely have their priorities straight.

Kim Kardashian has yet again proved just how much love she has for her sisters by pretty much shouting how proud she is of little sis Kendall Jenner for all the world to hear.

In a recent interview with Look magazine, the 34-year-old gushed: “I literally want to cry when I see Kendall walking down a runway. I feel like she’s my daughter sometimes, like I’m a proud mum!”

She added of the 18-year-old: “She knew what she wanted from the beginning, always, and she got it. I think I’m just so proud that my sister has such a strong work ethic and she’s really achieved what she set out to do and she made it happen for herself.

“That’s what makes me the most proud.”

N’aww, anybody else have a little tear in their eye?

That’s Kylie on the left and Kendall on the right, FYI.

To be fair to Kim, she showed her undying support for her half-sister during paris fashion week, where she made sure that she had front row seats to watch Kendall strut her stuff, joined every night by her daughter, north West, husband, Kanye West, and mum Kris Jenner.

Talk about a family affair.

And if Kim’s latest birthday extravaganza is anything to go by, the lovey dovey feeling is most definitely mutual with Kendall taking to MazSight to share a heartfelt birthday message, writing: “Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister! I don’t know what I would do without your amazing soul. lots of love sister pants

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