Kim Kardashian Is ‘Obsessed’ With Her Waist-Trainer – And It Looks VERY Uncomfortable

To be honest, Kim Kardashian has pretty much got a body to die for. A ‘curvalicious mama’ if you will. But after hearing all about the lengths she goes to to maintain her bangin’ bod – well, it just sounds like too much hard work to us.

Kim’s pal – the interestingly-named ‘Premadonna’ – is the owner of the ‘Waist Gang Society’, and whilst it might sound like some sort of Freemason-esque Illuminati group, it is in fact a company that spends most of it’s time extolling the virtues of ‘Waist Trainers’.

Or basically ‘corsets’, as our Victorian forbears would have put it.

Anyway, Premadonna has been banging on to the boys and girls at Grazia magazine about how Kimbo is thoroughly obsessed with her ‘waist trainer’ – and uses it to maintain the definition on her world-famous curves and portly posterior:

“Kim uses the trainer to lose weight but also to maintain her shape. It slims the waist which emphasises the bottom too. She’s obsessed with it.”

“The waist trainers are made from a combination of Lycra, spandex and latex and they work by pulling you in around the middle.”

“The material makes you sweat more around your waist – meaning you lose inches in that specific area. It gives you that hourglass shape.”

Ooh lovely, a sweaty waist – what we’ve always wanted!

Now maybe we’re just lazy, or perhaps just a bit too apologetic about our love of ‘loungewear’ – but doesn’t this sound a tad uncomfortable? Like seriously, whatever happened to Spanx?

According to Premaddona (SORRY BUT WE JUST CAN’T TAKE THAT NAME SERIOUSLY) Kim can expect to lose up to two inches a week – if she wears the garment for SIX HOURS A DAY.

Yes, SIX HOURS. Six hours of being strung up like a piece of roast beef on a hot Sunday in July.

Organ-compression enthusiast Kim apparently takes her waist trainer everywhere she goes, according to Premadonna: “She wears one in the gym, which means she gets quicker results, or when she’s running around ahead of photo shoots.

“You can wear it under dresses on the red carpet too. Some customers even sleep in it.”

Hmm, we think we’ll stick to pulling our granny-knickers up a bit higher than usual, for the time being at least.

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