Kim Kardashian Plans To Go Back To School To Boost Her IQ

Although there are a lot of haterz out there who will try to deny it, Kim Kardashian is most definitely not stupid when it comes to being one of the most successful business women in the world.

The 34-year-old star has managed to spurn a lucrative career off the back of her family‘s reality TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, she’s created an actual book formed of nothing but selfies of herself, and even has her very own phone app that is raking in more money a minute than we could ever even dream of.

Oh, and top of that she is absolutely beautiful, wife to doting hubby, Kanye West, mother to the gorgeous north West and expecting her second child.

She really does have it all.

But still, Kim wants more. Specifically, she wants a higher IQ and isn’t afraid to go back to school in order to get it.

In short, she is definitely preparing to take over the world.

Somebody who reckons they are a pal of the star has had a good ol’ natter with Radar Online, sharing: “She realises, deep down, that her IQ isn’t where she wants it to be, and the only way to work on it is to study.”

And with Kanye’s encouragement, Kim isn’t afraid of putting her nose in a textbook in order to wise up, with the source adding: “For the past decade and a half she’s been on this life or death mission to get famous, that’s been her whole focus, versus broadening her horizons intellectually.

“Kanye’s been encouraging her try new things during this pregnancy and education is top of the list.

“She’s looking at classes she can take from home, with the help of a private tutor.”

Well, one thing is certainly for sure, if Kim does manage to boost up her IQ then she will definitely put those pesky haterz in their place…

Although something tells us that they still probably won’t listen anyway.

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