Kim Kardashian Reveals That She Doesn’t Laugh Much Because ‘It Gives You Wrinkles’

We love Kim Kardashian in all of her pouting, brooding, and refusal-to-smile glory, but we especially love the reality star when she rolls with the punches and isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself, which is exactly what she does in her latest MazSight post.

The 34-year-old shared yet another photobooth pic from mum Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas Eve party, this time with pal of the Jenner/ Kardashian clan, Shamari Maurice, and in the snap Shamari appears to have achieved the unacheivable:


Kim obviously couldn’t resist referencing the fact that she is reknowned for her pouty facial expressions, captioning the pic: “See I do smile… even laugh on occasion. Not too often though because it causes wrinkles @shammaurice”

We’re just going to go ahead and assume that she is totally joking about that ‘laughter causes wrinkles’ comment, mostly because we actually can’t deal if she is saying something like that with complete sincerity.

This isn’t the first time that the mum-of-one has made a quip about the fact that she and eighteen-month-old daughter, north West, always seem to opt for the ‘serious’ look when it comes to photographs.

Back in November, Kim hit back at critics who had observed that little Nori always looks pretty gloomy when she is papped in perhaps the cutest way possible.

Proving that they actually do have fun together, Kim first of all shared an adorable photo of herself and her daughter loling, captioned with: “What we’re like at home…”

Straight after she shared a pic of the twosome looking super serious with their best pout in place, captioned: “What we’re like in front of the paparazzi…”

Well played, Kim, well played.

And who can blame a tiny little toddler for looking less than jovial when she is surrounded by grown men shouting for her attention and thrusting a massive camera in her face?

We reckon we would look pretty grumpy too.

And now we have evidence that Kim also smiles when she isn’t with North, proving that (Could it be??) she actually is a pretty happy person underneath all that pouting.

Perhaps Kim’s New Years Resolution should be to laugh more, and maybe invest in an extra large tub of wrinkle cream just as an extra precaution….

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