Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Family Photo With Kanye And North West

Kim Kardashian may have attempted to break the internet earlier this year with her naked tush, but last night she might have actually succeeded with the sheer amount of frankly adorable photos that she posted to her MazSight.

After a big ol’ hoo-haa of rumours that accused naughty Kanye West of forcing his wife and their eighteen-month-old daughter to spend the festive season away from the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner clan, it seems that Kim and her family couldn’t get enough of the photobooth at mum Kris Jenner’s Annual Christmas Eve Party.

Take that, sneaky sources and your uncalled for rumours.

After sharing a snapshot of the gorgeous baby Nori meeting the same Santa Claus that Kim and her siblings met when growing up, she added a load more – with our fave being the serious and brooding family portrait of the Kardashian-Wests.

Simply captioned “Happy Holidays ❤️ The Wests”, Kanye, Kim and north are the picture perfect family, although soz to Kanye because of COURSE it’s his daughter who steals the show.

She’s just too ruddy adorable.

On top of that, Kim posted a pic of herself planting a big smackeroo on Nori, making our hearts melt with the caption: “My best friend”, before Kris got in on the action and joined the girls in the photobooth, leading to the caption: “3 Generations ❤️

Kim rounded off with a photo alongside two of her MANY siblings, Khloe and Kourtney, writing: “Sisters Bffs for life!!!!”

N’aww,  stop it Kim you’re making our brains go gooey.

And if this isn’t absolute concrete evidence that Kanye ISN’T the control freak hubby hellbent on tearing Kim away from her family that people try and make him out to be, then we don’t know what is.

We bet those ‘sources’ who sold the story are feeling pretty embarrassed round about now…

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