Kim Kardashian Shares Kylie Jenner’s Embarrassing Selfie Childhood Pictures, Harsh

If there’s anything big sisters are supposed to be good at, it’s embarrassing you at every opportunity.

And that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian did to Kylie Jenner on her 17th birthday yesterday, naturally making it all about her.

Taking to Twitter to congratulate Kylie on her big day, Kim clearly decided to share Kylie’s pre-teen selfies.

You know the ones, those awkward camera above us pics we were all guilty of taking in the Myspace era.

Uploading FIVE massively awks selfies from Kylie’s younger years, Kim captioned each ‘birthday girl’, ‘hey, ‘sexy’, ‘call me maybe’ and ‘saved the best for last’ – which was reserved for Kylie’s vampire/dinosaur/walrus impression with straws.

Alongside the first snap, Kim added: “To my baby sister on her 17th birthday… I was 17 when you were born and every day you have brought me such joy!

“I love living with you! I love how strong you are, funny and just so stylish!!!! I found a bunch of selfies you took on my camera when you were maybe 9 years old & for your birthday I will post them all! Love you so much!”

Kim wasn’t the only Kardashian to get involved in the birthday hilarity and sickly-sweet message sending, with Khloe also sharing a montage of Kylie pics.

Despite missing the big day for filming the family’s reality TV show with Kourtney in the Hamptons, she tweeted: “Happy birthday to my sister, spirit animal, partner in crime and best friend!

“@kyliejenner you constantly amaze me with your wisdom, maturity, sensitive soul, confidence….

“I could go on for hours and hours. You and all of my siblings have given me enough love to last me lifetime after lifetime.

“I wish you and incredible birthday and I’m so sad I’m not with you today. This only means we get to celebrate your birthday when I’m back.

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