Kim Kardashian Shows Off Bleached Eyebrows On Her Latest Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian has finally shown off the magazine cover that saw her bleach her eyebrows all the way back in November.

Taking to MazSight, the 34-year-old proudly showed off the snap that features on the cover of LOVE magazine, teasing her fans that she has a whopping THIRTY-PAGE spread inside.


Kim wrote alongside the pic: “working with @stevenkleinstudio was so crazy for me! We shot for 3 days straight at a motel in LA.

“One night til 4am. @kegrand dressed me in all vintage and custom @Prada and bleached my brows!

“Can’t wait for u to see 30+ page spread with Steven Klein for Love Magazine [SIC].”

Is it just us or does shooting in motels at 4am in the morning sound like the perfect beginning of a horror movie?


Kim showed off her unique new, eyebrow-less, look at little sister Kendall Jenner’s birthday party back in November, going for  maximum impact with the first (of many) snaps showing the reality star side-by-side with Kendall’s bestie, and eyebrow QUEEN, Cara Delevingne.

We mean, if you ever want a compare and contrast of brows then Cara is definitely your go-to girl.

More than aware of how, erm, ‘different’ she was looking, Kim captioned the photo with an explanation as to why she had opted for such a drastic change, writing: “About last night… #KendallsBDayParty #DontBeScaredOfMyBleachedBrows #ItsForAPhotoShoot”


Thank goodness she didn’t opt to stick with her new look, because as much as we love how ‘fashion’ and ‘edgy’ she is looking… It is a little bit scary.

After hiding her brows and baring her tush, we can’t help but wonder what Kim will be doing in 2015 to cause a stir and make our jaws drop to the floor…

…But needless to say, we’re kind of excited to find out.

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