Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her New Platinum Blonde Hair In Paris

Well, we certainly didn’t have to wait long to see what was really going on underneath Kim Kardashian‘s massive knitted hat, with the star causing a scene as she stepped out of her fancy paris hotel and debuted her platinum blonde locks earlier today.

Just last month Kim stunned us all when she cut off her famous, long, black hair in favour of a ruddy gorgeous choppy bob, but it seems like that wasn’t a big enough change for her so she reached for the peroxide.

The 34-year-old had her new ‘do slicked back, showing off her gorge face and looked super chic in an all-black outfit as she made her way to fashion Week with husband, Kanye West.

Is it just us, or has she had a bit of a trim too?

Kim caused quite a flurry when she was papped leaving a hotel with her hair swept up underneath a hat this morning, but her not-so-sneaky disguise was rumbled when a strand of hair came lose and revealed her lighter look to the world.

We’re just glad that she didn’t take more than a few hours to debut the finished product.

The reality star has dabbled in lighter colours before, previously going golden in 2013, although this is the lightest that any of the Armenian Kardashian girls have braved.


We have a feeling that the mum-of-one’s new look will certainly take some time to get used to, but in the meantime you can’t help but applaud her for having the guts to try it out, can you?

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