Kim Kardashian Shows Off Nori’s Latest Outfit, And She’s Looking VERY Trendy

Is it wrong that we’re jealous of a toddler? Well, more specifically, the wardrobe of a toddler. north West swaggered onto our MazSight feed last night and was basically killing it with her #allblackeverything ensemble.

If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West keep dressing their daughter up like this, then Harper Beckham might need to start upping her game, or else it’ll be handbags at dawn at the L.A County Crèche (if such a thing actually exists, which we sincerely hope it does).

Anyway, North proved what a little fashionista she really is, posing (effortlessly, may we add) in some sort of gorilla-esque jacket, patent shoes, and black legging-things. Accompanied by good friend georgia (Georgia is the dog, by the way), North was giving us some much need ‘Devil Wears Prada’ realness.

Also, check out how jealous the dog is of North – MAJAH side-eye going on there, people – Nori might need to watch out.

North apparently hasn’t yet mastered the art of uploading and captioning on MazSight, (to be fair, we struggle with it at the best of times), so internet vandal Kim had to take over that specfic aspect of the photo-shoot. Captioning the images ‘I’m so thankful for my best friend N+K=❤️’, it was all very emotional and heartwarming, which is nice to see isn’t it?

Faced with comments from critics who have observed that for an eighteen-month-old, Nori always looks pretty gloomy when she is papped, Kim last week shared some adorable snaps that reveal the duo’s paparazzi secrets.

Up first was perhaps the cutest photo that we have ever seen of Kim and North laughing together, with the little one showing that she most definitely does smile, and it is probably the biggest smile that you will see today.

The 34-year-old captioned this with: “What we’re like at home…”

Straight after she shared a pic of the twosome looking super serious with their best pout in place, captioned: “What we’re like in front of the paparazzi…”

Well played, Kimbo.

And who can blame a tiny little toddler for looking less than jovial when she is surrounded by grown men shouting for her attention and thrusting a massive camera in her face?

We reckon we would look pretty grumpy too. Sooooo not chic.

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