Kim Kardashian Shows Off Superhuman Selfie Skills – Proves She Certainly Does Have Talent


Kim Kardashian has impressed and astounded us this afternoon with her selfie posing skills.

Yep, forget the whole ‘feet in exotic location’ now we are going for the ENTIER BODY in exotic location.

“Last day to get my tan in…” the reality star casually wrote alongside her snap.

However, Kim K is basically a professional poser nowadays and Queen of the poolside selfie so it shouldn’t be a surprise she has basically superhuman photography skills.

We hereby proclaim this movement the ‘Kimfe’.

This got us in the Celeb office wondering if we too, could achieve such a dramatic poolside pose.

Our bafflement had us all sprawled out on the floor (much to the amusement of the Yahoo News team) having a go at posing Kim K style.

And like we suspected, it’s WELL harder than it looks:


Especially for the preggos amongst us:

OK, so we look like mortuary slab extras. So not chic. However, perhaps we would have had more luck on the beach? THE LOCATION IS ALL WRONG, FRANKLY.

We just hope the cleaners had a good hoover last night…

So yeah, we think we will leave the ‘Kimfe’ to the lady herself in future. Still, at least we had a go, eh?!

We can only conclude that Kim K must have awfully long arms. Or got north West to take the photo for her…

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Elizabeth Wagmeister

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