Kim Kardashian Struggles With Moth Control In Paris, Does A Regina George Instead

From duvet jackets to total nudity and biker babies, there seems to be no fashion statement she won’t try.

But Kim Kardashian has taken the whole ‘LOOK AT MY OUTFITS IN paris‘ thing to a whole new level today, starting a mothy trend in a cut-up tracksuit covered in holes.

Doing a full-on Regina George, Kim appeared to be totally unfazed by the holes in her dusty pink leggings and matching cropped top, strutting out of her hotel with north West in her arms.

Ditching her underwear for the look, going braless and commando to make sure there wasn’t a single obstruction to the holey design, Kim looked totally unconcerned about flashing the flesh.

Completing the look, the 33-year-old draped a pale grey jacket over her shoulders like a cape – before realising that at 23C and sunny, it was probably uncalled for.

Despite recently favouring matching North’s outfits to her own, Kim decided poor North was going to have a ‘biker’ day, kitting her out entirely in leather. 

Sweltering in leather leggings, a leather studded jacket, black boots and a black t-shirt, we can’t help but feel Kanye probs had a lot to say on the toddler’s weather-ignorant outfit.

According to a sneaky gossip source, the couple have been having a few fashion disagreements of late (the stuff all marriages are made of), with Kim telling Kanye to stop dressing Nori up so much.

The source blabbed to Reveal: “Kim is fed up with Kanye using Nori as a mannequin. She didn’t even want to bring Nori to the French capital for Fashion Week but Kanye insisted.
Kim Kardashian Struggles With Moth Control In Paris, Does A Regina George Instead
By MazSight

“Kim’s never been one to shy away from publicity but she draws the line at using her child as an accessory.

Stern words.

The source goes on to say that Kim isn’t exactly thrilled about Kanye never dressing Nori in “feminine-looking clothes or comfy rompers and onesies”.

But the pair are apparently at loggerheads with Kanye insisting that North’s outfits coordinate with either Kim and himself, if not both of them.

But if that’s true, either Kanye was wearing an all-leather ensemble today or Kim is starting to fight back…

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