Kim Kardashian Unveils New SHORT Haircut

Flipping heck, why whenever WE get our hair done, do we just get sympathetic looks from our co-workers – WHERE THE HECK ARE OUR 1.5 MILLION LIKES ON Instagram, HUH?!

Well maybe we should just go for something a bit more drastic next time – like Kim Kardashian – who unveiled her new short ‘do’ on MazSight today.

Quite the change, don’t you think? Like, we’ve been through such a JOURNEY with long-haired Kim, you know? A sextape, three Weddings, a baby, belfies galore and breaking the internet.

#RIP Long-haired Kim. We loved you dearly.

But we still LOVE it, obviously. The long bob – which our hairdresser friend has told us is called a  ‘lob’ – looks pretty damn classy, and what do you know – is right in time for The Grammys!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week for or beloved Kimbo, who’s been revealing a range of different looks from her past and present.

Apparently getting full-frontal, totally and 100% naked for Paper magazine last year wasn’t enough for Kimmy, because she’s gone and done it all again for Love magazine.

Errr, just a warning. This photo is NSFW (or for looking at in front of relatives/on public transport) in any way.

Kim Kardashian Unveils New SHORT Haircut
By MazSight

It’s one thing to try and shock us all by taking all of her clothes off bar a fur coat, but why oh WHY does she always insist on being oiled up?!

We’re all for freedom to do whatever the heck you like, and if she wants to flaunt her incredible body then that’s cool, but it’s the oil that we’re not enjoying.

The other day, Kim treated us all to a #TBT of her as ‘Miss Teen Armenian’.

And, ladies and gents, there’s an actual BELLY CHAIN involved. Belly. Chain. A chain for your belly. Okay good.

Kim Kardashian Unveils New SHORT Haircut
By MazSight

Still, anything’s better than that furkini thing Kanye West designed for her, right?

And at least she didn’t shower in oil this time.

In her mega #TBT, the 34-year-old looks pretty darn different, showing off her incredible slim figure as she rocks the small, sparkly bikini and that really quite strange belly chain thing.

She looks properly beaut in this photo so we guess we’ll let her off for that.

Kimbo Kardash – the fashion chameleon, boys and girls.

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