Kim Kardashian Was Just ‘A Normal, Dorky Teen Who Didn’t Want To Be Famous’

For better or for worse, you can’t deny that Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous names on the planet these days, with the reality star continuously attending celeb events and indulging in her lavish lifestyle.

However, according to the 34-year-old’s childhood friend, Nikki Lund, Kim never even wanted to be famous, and was actually just a dorky and quiet teenager who dreamed of being the boss of her very own clothing shop someday.

How things change….

Nikki, who was best pals with Kim when they were fifteen-year-old schoolgirls, has revealed everything about their friendship, and she reckons that it was only once the star’s lawyer dad, Robert Kardashian, passed away in 2003 that Kim started to fall into the celeb lifestyle.

Nikki shared: “Kim was a daddy’s girl, she adored her father and when he died she was devastated.

“Rob was the one who would make sure she was working hard and that she was behaving herself. I don’t think this whole thing would be happening to her right now if he was still alive.

“She never wanted to be famous, it just kind of happened. She was always the quiet girl sitting in the corner while we were all being loud.

“Kim was studious, she wanted to be a good student. She worked hard at school, she didn’t get straight A’s but the teachers liked her. She’d never bunk off school.”

And Nikki also dished that although Kris Jenner was the one to help forge Kim’s career, it was her dad who made her the person that she is today, adding: “We all loved Rob.

“He guided Kim, he mentored her, he ushered her into womanhood.

“Rob is the one who shaped Kim. When he died it took her a very long time to get over it.”

Despite growing up with the likes of Kimberly Stewart and paris Hilton, the 33-year-old insists that she never saw her old pal Kim’s catapult into fame coming, explaining: “She was just so normal.

“We didn’t get into trouble, we didn’t drink or smoke, we just hung out in each other’s bedrooms talking about boys.

“We were a bit dorky really. We loved the Spice Girls, when we were like fifteen and sixteen and we loved dressing up as them and singing along to their songs.

“Kim loved Posh Spice, she thought she was the prettiest one and she loved what she wore. She went out and bought herself a black leather dress with slits in it – it was exactly like Posh’s.”

Hang on a minute, Kim Kardashian used to dress up as Victoria blimmin’ Beckham?? These are some childhood photos that we actually need to see.

Even though she’d glam it up and impersonate popstars and celebs, Nikki insists that Kim only ever had two real ambitions – to work in a clothes shop, and to be a good mum.

In fact, this £50million career that Kim has created is nothing more than an added bonus to achieving her first two dreams, with Nikki revealing that Kim’s 21-year-old daughter, north West, is her biggest priority: “When she left school she got a job in a shop called Body in LA’s affluent Encino area.

“She worked there as a clerk – a shop assistant – and she loved it. She loved being around clothes.

“She always wanted to be a good mum, she would talk about having children and wanting to care for them.

“Kim is family, family, family, that is what is most important to her so I don’t think she takes the whole celebrity thing so seriously.

“She works so hard and she is happy, particularly when she is at home with her little girl.

N’aww, we don’t know about you but we kinda love Kim even more now that we know that back in the 90s she was just as awkward, dorky, and Spice-Girls-Loving as we were.

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