Kim Kardashian Wears A Corset To Bed In A Bid To Make Her Waist Even Smaller

How very Victorian.

Kim Kardashian reportedly ‘sleeps in a corset’ in a bid to slim down her body while she sleeps.

Bit drastic, surely?

heat magazine reckon that Kim is so desperate to shift even more weight that she has taken to nodding off in the waist cinching shape wear every night.

“She’s going to bed in an eye-wtaeringly tight corset to shrink her waist. It makes sleep pretty much impossible,” a source told the mag.

However, despite the reported lack of shut-eye Kim is believed to think that the results are totally ‘worth it’.

“She wants to lose 10lbs before summer, whatever it takes,” says the source.

Yeah, good for her and all that but we think we’ll still stick to a onesie for now.

Also just in from the mad land of Kim Kardashian workout secrets – apparently doctors have warned the reality star to go easy on the squats as her massive rear end could be causing problems for her pretite frame.

Yep, really.

“Kim’s put a bum workout ban on her personal trainer. She’s only 5”3 and doctors have said having such a big behind is the reason for her back pain while driving.”

Back pain? We would have thought it would have provided a nice comfy cushion!

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