Kim Kardashian Writes Heartfelt Open Letter To Future Self: ‘Remember, North Is Going Through A Lot’

Kim Kardashian might be known for being absolutely gorge and a selfie icon, but did you also know that she’s actually kinda funny and hella sweet? Because her open letter to her future self is about to prove it to you.

The pregnant reality star was filmed “penning” the note to 44-year-old Kim for Glamour US and was sure to ask all of the important questions, like if she was still “on fleek”, but also mixed it in with some heartfelt requests for her family.

All together now: Awwwwww.

Kim starts the letter with: “Dear Kim, when you read this, you’ll be ten years older in the year 2025 – I hope this is where you are:

“When it comes to how you feel about your body, remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy how you look now because you aren’t getting any younger.

“May you continue to feel blessed and grateful.”

The 34 year old then went on to remind herself to carry on being a ruddy good mum, saying of her two year old daughter: “Since north is now twelve, I hope you remember that preteens are going through a lot.

“I know junior high is really tough, so remember to have a lot of patience!”

She then adds her wishes for her sisters, sharing: “I hope Khloe finds her happy ever after and falls in love because she really deserves it.

“I hope Kourtney is maybe done with having babies. She has a lot on her plate and I know she doesn’t want to stop any time soon.

“I hope Kendall will continue to be modeling and doing whatever she loves to do. Kylie better just be doing whatever she wants because she’s not usually one to take any direction!

“Call mum every single day. I hope we are still taking lots of family vacations together.”


However, not one to get totally swept up in the lovey dovey stuff, Kim also goes on to ask the questions that, let’s face it, we’re all kinda wondering about 2025.

She asks her future self: “Are you still filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Are you still decorating our dream home? I trust that you will still be the queen of contouring – are selfies still a thing?

“Are the terms ‘bae’ and ‘on fleek’ so 2015? If not, am I still ‘on fleek’?

“Is mum still making you do the family Christmas card? If so, how are you possibly fitting everyone in?”

And also shares one final wish for the future: “May science invent a mysterious and delicious green juice that keeps you tanned forever.”

Kim, babes, we feel you with that one….

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