Kim Kardashian’s Ex Kris Humphries Posts Nasty Tweet Following Bruce Jenner Interview

After Bruce Jenner confirmed he was transgender in last night’s interview with Diane Sawyer, most of the internet was largely full of praise for the reality star.

However, there’s always going to be one or two nasty people out there, and unfortunately, one of them is somebody Bruce used to know fairly well – Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband, Kris Humphries.

Yes, the Kris Humphries who Kim married for about five minutes, realised she made a huge mistake and then divorced.

Funny how we’ve not heard much from him until now, eh?

Anyway, the basketball player tweeted after Bruce’s interview ‘I am glad I got out when I did.’

Nice to see some class there, Kris, well done.

Kris plays for the Washington Wizards (?) now, and was married to Kim for just 72 days.

Wisely, neither Kim or the rest of her family have paid any attention to Kris’ comments so far, which we think is probably quite a good thing.

Don’t want to feed the trolls now, do you?

Kris’ comment attracted a great deal of criticism on Twitter, some of which was actually pretty funny:

Nothing like a bit of mob-justice, eh?

Bruce finally confirmed he was transitioning last night during a one-on-one interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC.

Bruce’s family all sat down to watch the show alongside him – with many of them referring to him as their ‘hero’.

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself with Bruce, writing: “Love is the courage to live the truest, best version of yourself. Bruce is love. I love you Bruce. #ProudDaughter”.

See THAT is how you respond, guys. Kris Humphries, take note.

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