Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Co-Star, Ray J, Is Set To Buy A House On Her Street

Things are set to get a little bit awkward in the Kardashian-West neighbourhood, with it being reported that Kim Kardashian‘s ex is looking to buy a house (mansion) just eight doors away from his ex girlfriend and her family.


And as if that isn’t bad enough, the ex in question is rapper Ray J, more commonly known as Kim’s co-star in THAT leaked sex tape, which propelled her family into superstardom.

Sucks to be you, Kanye.

TMZ have reported that the 33-year-old has put in a whopping £2.7MILLION offer on a mansion just a stone’s throw away from where Kim lives with her husband, and eighteen-month-old daughter, north West.

The website claims that Ray and his business manager, David Weintraub, were spotted having a little nose around the place before they came back with their proposal, with it being absolutely impossible for them not to know that a certain Ms. Kardashian lives just down the road.


Ray dated the 34-year-old back in 2003, when they made the sordid sex tape, which miraculously and mysteriously was leaked to the public four years later, in 2007.

Kim sued the production company for ownership of the tape, eventually settling for a huge $5Million, with it being unknown how much Ray profited from the leak.

Although judging by the fact that he is shelling out on this mansion and we haven’t exactly *heard* of him outside of his sexual escapades, we’re guessing that it was more than just a couple of quid.

We bet that Kanye is positively thrilled that the man who the world has seen bonking his wife will be popping over for some sugar and joining him at their neighbourhood watch meetings, but considering how absolutely besotted Kim is with her husband, we don’t think that he has anything to worry about.

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