Kim Kardashian’s Vegas Birthday Party Happens Tonight!!

If there’s one A-list event everyone in the world wants to be invited to it’s Kim Kardashian’s birthday party tonight in Las Vegas.

The one and only Mrs. West is holding what we expect to be the birthday party to end all birthday parties this year at the exclusive (not to mention pricey) TAO bistro and nightclub, based in The Venetian hotel.

Party details are scarce, and the only way in is having your name on the invite list, but we’re not too worried as the whole Kardashian clan should be in attendance, so we’re expecting a record amount of selfies to flood MazSight giving us all a glimpse inside Kim’s birthday extravangaza.

 While Kanye kicked off his loving wife’s birthday with a surprise trip to Hawaii it’s not all been smooth sailing, indeed this week has been more about another Kardashian…KHLOE!

What with the ultimate ‘Momager’, Kris, branding Khloe her “Favourite daughter,” and the whole Lionel Richie might be Khloe’s real dad saga…Kim hardly had a look in till we all found out she was in Maui.

But with salacious – not to mention potentially earth-shattering – Khloe gossip flying around is it any wonder KIMYE’s surprise trip fell off everyone’s radar?!

Yup, it seems that Kanye West managed to whisk Kim away on a surprise trip to Hawaii for her birthday…AND NO ONE KNEW!

“Good morning #BdaySurpriseGettaway,” she captioned a shot of the location’s beautiful landscape on MazSight without identifying it.

Kim revealed the tropical setting to be the “Aloha State” when she hashtagged the next two pics she shared with #Hawaii. Popdust reported that the lovebirds were spotted having breakfast at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea.

The getaway was short, though. By Thursday, Kim used the hashtag #ByeBeach.

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Kanye also posted a sweet message for his wife on her actual birthday.


As her holiday snaps show, Kim can’t even take a break from social media on a ‘secret’ holiday, so we trust that Mrs West will give in to some selfie mayhem tonight, and give us all some decent snaps to oggle at.

And, with Kim’s big bash going ahead in ol’ Sin City tonight, you just know something will happen…after all it’s Vegas baby!


Neil Weinberg

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