Kimberley Walsh’s Birthday: Her Best TBT Girls Aloud Instagram Pics

She spent years as part of the gorgeous girl band.

So it’s not surprising Kimberley Walsh shares LOTS of TBT shots of her Girls Aloud days, whether she’s reminiscing during the BRIT Awards or getting nostalgic for fun with the fivesome.

As Kimberley celebrates her 33rd birthday today, we’re celebrating with her GA TBT MazSight pics.

1. Throw Your Head Back Thursday

“#tbt or should I say #throwyourheadsbackthursday”

Kimberley took the throw back theme literally in April 2014 when she shared this pic of the girls throwing back their heads while performing on stage.

We have to give top marks to Cheryl Cole for having the longest mane of the trio pictured and therefore creating the biggest SWISH.

2. Grumpy Girls

“One of my faves @cherylcole #tbt”

Kimberley called this shot of Cheryl she shared in May 2013 one of her faves and we can see why.

Apart from the hilariously fed up faces what about those BUNCHES. That EYELINER. Those FRAYED JEANS. Those BLUE SOCKS WITH WHITE TRAINERS. The list of LOLs goes on and on.

3. A Whole Lotta Leg

#tbt #GA”

In the cold winter months of February 2014 Kimberley got nostalgic for the days when Girls Aloud got their legs out on stage in the most TEENY tiny of hot pants.

We particularly like how Sarah Harding teamed hers with a pair of knee high boots. Classy.

And what about those CURLS? Pass me my tongs pronto.

4. Tiny Waist

Was this really me…… #tbt”

Given that Kimba was preggers in April 2014 when she uploaded this throw back pic to her days in Girls Aloud, it’s not surprising she was wondering if that girl with the tiny waist was really her.

Don’t worry luv, there’s more to life than a teeny middle, and you look just as fab-u-lous now.

5. Chimfest

Joining in with the chim fest #oldschool”

Kimba and Chezza are such good friends they even have their own name like any major couple: Chim Ch(eryl) and (K)im. Love. It.

And Kimberley isn’t afraid to share a TBT pic or ten of her and her BFF, like this one she uploaded in July 2013 of the ladeez out on the town ‘aving it laaarrge.

The pouts, the big hair, the multiple drinks; can we come next time, pretty please?

Keep sharing those GA TBT pics Kimba, and we’ll keep reminiscing with you.

Ethan Anderton

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